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Bike Confidence Mastery


Find Fun and Flow on the Trail; By developing trust in yourself,

your skills and your bike so you can confidently roll obstacles,

conquer wood and become a biking Goddess!

- Do you want to overcome your mental blocks, trust your skills, and feel in      control on the trail, without fear of crashing and pain? 

- Do you want to be able to let go, ride the challenging obstacles, find the flow and just have fun?

- Do you want to feel confident turning up for any ride, excited to go regardless of which trail, who’s going and if you ‘can’ do it?


Bike Confidence Mastery is one of the worlds first programs to help women find flow, step into their power and feel in full control on the trail and in their lives. 


In this program you will gain access to: 


  • 6 x 60-75min Live group workshop coaching sessions to develop your practical biking skills, radically shift and eliminate your mental blocks and self doubt so you can trust your bike and yourself.   (includes access to the recording of the presentations in case you miss any live sessions)

  • Access to full online training videos; drills, skill demonstrations, additional learning support. Includes the last live course videos.

  • Weekly simple worksheets to provide direction for deeper integration, plus additional resources.

  • 3 x 30min expert workshops focusing on releasing mental blocks, pulling back your power and bike maintenance and technical information

  • Access to the Bike Confidence Mastery Facebook support community, homework threads, coach support plus the support of your fellow bikers. 

  • 1 x 1:1 private 1 hour coach session with Natasha Lockey (online or in person)


By the end of this course you will:


  • Have confidence in yourself and your bike on every ride

  • Trust your ability, understand the skill progression, let go of fear and always have fun on your bike

  • Have a network of support to continue to integrate, progress and grow at each stage in your biking journey

Who is this program for? This program is for women who want to have the confidence to ride any trail, any feature, feel the flow. Let go of fear, judgements & expectations to have fun on the ride and every moment. 

Who this program is not for?  those wanting to learn a ‘bunny hop’ or a ‘wheelie’, I mean I can teach you a bunny hop, but this is more about getting out of your brain and having fun so the Bunny hop is easier.   



Course starts Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Group sessions Wednesday 6:30pm - 8pm, weekly.

Bonus sessions: TBD

Price: = $497 plus GST  - Early Bird Price $347 till September 20th, 2022



Educational Details about the Course:


Module 1: Confidence - Finding our Balance

  1. Foundations for Confidence on your bike:

    1. Base balance skills for all levels

    2. Tools to balance and ground

    3. What the relationship with your bike is telling you

    4. Identifying Triggers to eliminate blocks

    5. Future Vision Technique to identify dreams and goals

    6. Bike practices

    7. Daily Energy Balancing

Module 2: Progression - Figuring out your fun pace

  1. Base speed control skills for all levels

  2. Managing progression expectations

  3. Slowing down to Speed Up

Module 3: Choose your trail - Managing your terrain

  1. Base terrain skills for all levels; what to ride, what to walk and how to figure that out. 

  2. What is going on inside your head

  3. What do you have vs. What are you choosing


Module 4: Where is your Focus? - Find your line

  1. Base skills to moving the bike, rolling over obstacles and gaining speed and flow

  2. Tools to creating and maintaining your feminine power base 

  3. Trusting the bike, trusting yourself, trusting the trail


Module 5: Letting Go - Flow 

  1. Base skills to flowing, riding the trail and dancing with your bike

  2. Where are you blocking flow on your bike; learning to smile

  3. Learning to dream

Module 6: Making it stick - Integration

  1. Commitment points; what they are and how to use them to excel and stay in once piece

  2. What needs to shift for you to shift; rewriting your emotional coding

  3. Your relationship with you and how it changes everything

Live Classes schedule:

6 Week Course:

  1. Module 1: Confidence - Finding our Balance 

  2. Module 2: Progression - Figuring out your fun pace 

  3. Module 3: Choose your trail - Managing your terrain

  4. Module 4: Where is your Focus? - Find your line 

  5. Module 5: Letting Go - Flow 

  6. Module 6: Making it stick - Integration 

  7. Releasing Emotional Coding (Bonus)

  8. Bike Maintenance (Bonus) 

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