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Find the FLOW in your ride


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Do you know that feeling of being taken for a ride?

That feeling of the trail dictating your experience, feeling out of control trying to not crash as you react to the obstacles and challenges being thrown at you?


Instead of being stoked and excited at the end of the ride you feel defeated and unsure why you even ride a bike.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

FLOW is...

Leading yourself to create the experience you want to have when your headed downhill

Knowing what you want, what you need to do to get it, and BEING the person that makes it happen.


When you see the future vision of yourself taking that jump, riding that line...


In this Masterclass we will create your vision for your 2021 Bike Season

Together we will create the plan that will have you clear on what your goals are, how you will get there, where to focus. Then put it all into a timeline so you can make it a reality and find flow in your ride.

And I'm talking about getting specific. The skills you need to get better at corners, what exercises you want to do to survive off that jump, where progression starts, the food you need to eat...all the things to get you the result YOU want this year on your BIKE.

Join me in this masterclass where we are going to balance our doing with our being.


Create AWARENESS, INTENTION, CONFIDENCE and CELEBRATION in a way that will set you up for the season of your life.

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We will work through the steps together over the three days to help you find that flow;

- Ditching those feelings of never progressing, which may show up, for example feeling like you never get enough time to practice to get better.

- Celebrating your successes and your failures, instead of beating yourself up - leading yourself through the experience you want to have.

- Understanding how the energy cycles of the year, season, month and your cycle can be harnessed to take everything you do to the next level, in complete ease and flow. 

I can't wait to share this with you!! 

Sign up now and I'll see you there. 

Sign up to get the replay recordings and the Workbook! 

You don't have to be there live - you can catch the replay! 

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Join me live 


3 day 'Let Go & Flow' Masterclass


MONDAY February 22nd - 2pm PST

'Creating Awareness and Intention'

Awareness and Integration; we will work on what you are wanting to achieve, both in biking and anywhere else in your life and how to create the intention to make your desires reality.

TUESDAY February 23rd - 5pm PST


Celebration; building completion into your day, week, month and year by looking at what you want to bring in to your experience, planning for it so you can Celebrate it - both before and after it happens. 


WEDNESDAY February 24th - 9am PST

in Bettygohard group

'Cycles - know your cycle so you can work with it'

We are going to look at the cycles that guide our lives and how we can work with them to shortcut getting what we want faster!

The year, the seasons, the moons and our personal cycle. Planning to work with the energy to learn skills faster, get more time on your bike and more time in your bed PLUS all the other things that are important to you. 

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