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Who is Betty?

Betty is the fun loving side of the female personality that balances our hard working practical side. 

Natasha Lockey created BettyGoHard back in 2002 out of a frustration at the lack of female inspiration there was in the action sports world. Sure they had the girls they sponsored holding boards in the magazine pictures, we knew they could ride, and yet there were no pictures. 

BettyGoHard was to be a community of action sports females celebrating what they could do and being inspired by others. 

In some worlds they would call me a bike coach, in my world I am a bike whisperer. I help women bikers bring the focus on having fun into the forefront through their emotional experiences, physical experiences and the relationship with themselves and others.

In 2007 we started running wine, cheese and chocolate rides. These progressed into a variety of clinics, camps and fun bike sessions. Through coaching 1000's of women, men and youth what I've learnt is that it is not about the biking. Biking is simple, getting through the challenges that the bike represents is what makes it hard. 

I believe that biking skills are essential to your success on your bike, as well as knowing the right gear and right bike for your trails and what you enjoy. 

Knowing how to fix a flat and keep your bike running smoothly as well as staying safe out on the trails all build our confidence make it more fun. 

What I've also found that skills don't stick when you're fighting fear, frustration, self doubt, worth and not being good enough. Fear of holding others back, getting injured and being the weakest link. 

I swear I started down the 'self development' path when I was 12 years old and it wasn't till I started biking that it became very apparent there was a lot more to learn about how to enjoy doing the challenging things in life.


I tried doing all those things, and yet I was better but it was not more fun. So I tried harder, I got better and still at the end of the day I'd have 'fun' on my bike and it was 'fun' but overall I just wanted to be better. So I'd have more fun. 

The truth is that when you stop 'doing', 'trying', 'fighting' and lean into 'being' then none of that matters and all that is left is letting go and having fun. 

Follow me I know the way.....

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