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BettyGoHard Map Your Trail


Build the skills, confidence and strength to tackle the most challenging lines and conquer the trail. 


- Do you want to learn the SKILLS that will give you the confidence to take on harder trails and overcome bigger challenges on the trail?


- Do you want to understand the FITNESS you need, that will work for you to have the strength and power to make mountain biking and all your activities more fun?


- Do you want to learn how to FUEL your body so that it performs how you need it to, when you need it to? 


Map Your Trail is the worlds first mountain bike training method that is focused on teaching you how to ride the trail, not the bike, getting you out of your head and into the flow. 

In this program you will gain access to: 


  • 6 x 60-90min group coaching calls online (Zoom) to give you the foundations to building your skills, developing the fun mindset and creating the support systems that will help you get back on the bike! (includes access to the video recordings)

  • Pick your own adventure training video’s and workbooks; each module has a series of short videos, easy action steps, & weekly challenges to work through the theme of the week. 

  • Access to the private Facebook community, where you can share experiences & challenges with the group and get direct feedback from your coaches.

  • Access to Tash via messenger or email throughout the program.

  • 4 x 30-60min bonus sessions with Tash or another coach. These sessions will include bike maintenance, nutrition, fitness, bike skills; and will be scheduled based on the needs of the group during the 6 week course. 


By the end of this course you will:


  • Have dialled in your foundation bike skills taking your trail riding to another level

  • Have the skills, confidence and mindset to level up to features and trails that you have been aspiring to

  • Be riding your ride, on your terms, no apologies and no expectations

  • Have the freedom to Map Your own Trail, create your own experience, change your perspective and know how to bring fun into every ride, every apres, and everyday no matter what the trail or life is throwing at you!! ​

Who is this program for?


Women who love to kickass on their mountain bikes and have fun!! 

This course is for you when you are ready to step up your biking - no matter where you are right now, Turbo Charge your strength, fitness and nutrition, and be in control of your life, your mind and the Trail!!




Course starts - April 21st, 2021

Group sessions Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8pm, weekly.

Bonus sessions TBD


Price = $497 plus GST 


Educational Details about the Course:


Module 1: Balance


Emotional Balance

  • Who do you want to be

  • Mindset

  • Processing Emotions


Skill Foundations

  • Balanced Body Position 

  • Workout Foundations 

  • Nutrition Foundations 

  • Foundations of allowing your energy to flow. 

  • Equipment Foundations 


Support Systems

  • Why you need a self care practice

  • Explore your relationships within key areas of your life

    • Vices

    • Family, Friends & Community

    • Habits

    • Time and schedules

    • Hobbies


Module 2: Speed Control


Emotional Balance

  • Exploring our world - looking at what part the separate pieces plays in our daily lives, creating perspective and removing beliefs that no longer serve us.


Skill Speed

  • Getting our speed control dialled in

  • What’s your speed? Looking at your ideal timing, intensity, speed & modifications in line with your fitness goals. 

  • What are your nutrition goals; short-term, long-term?

  • Examining your thoughts around what you think you can do and what you are doing.


Support Systems

  • Well Being and Self Care: Create long term success. 

  • Vices in our lives; maintaining control

  • Building in support systems

  • Examining our habits and what we do for fun when not biking


Module 3: Managing Your Terrain


Emotional Balance;

  • Understanding what our terrain looks like so we can adjust our line to follow the way that works for us



  • Understanding the terrain; knowing what to ride, what to go around, what to walk and how to figure that out! 

  • Fitness: Your schedule, your obstacles, let’s make it real for you. 

  • Nutrition: How do we fit this into your lifestyle and your goals. 

  • Equipment & Resources: Different terrain, different resources.


Support Systems;

  • Finding your own self care practice that works for you

  • Challenging what we think we can do vs. What we can do 

  • Looking at our community and building in the big rocks first



Module 4: Finding your Line


  • You got the balance, your speed is good, you know the terrain and now we can pick the line. We will work together on finding the smoothest, tightest line for you to ride. You’ll learn the smoothest, easiest line is often the one you thought was the hardest. 

  • Review, adjust and tweak the emotional balance, your skills and really anchor in the support systems


Module 5: Flow


  • Really diving deep into where flow comes from

  • How we achieve flow moment to moment

  • Integrating all of the pieces that make up the fun in your life and finding the best line that will give you the best flow! 



Module 6: Integration, Maintenance and how to get back up when you fall.


  • Examining where your obstacles are

  • What has stopped you in the past

  • Developing resistance, boundaries and systems to keep you on the trail, having fun even when the unexpected happens.

  • Bonus skill sessions and additional resources based on the needs of the group

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